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At AIDS Action, we advocate for public policy that bolsters prevention and supports people already living with HIV/AIDS.  We do this with certain core principles in mind:

  • HIV prevention should be evidence-based, and public policy should only support the research and development of evidence-based approaches.
  • People living with HIV/AIDS should have control over the disclosure of their health status, as HIV stigma and discrimination still persist.
  • Public funding should be used to help treat people living with this disease.

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Project ABLE’s Virtual Lobby Day – Ask Your Legislators to Support $35M for HIV Funding in FY18


Earlier this month, Governor Baker proposed cutting $4.8 million in funding for the next fiscal year from HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C programs, a substantial 15% decrease. These cuts would be devastating to the vital work community-based organizations do for people affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C across the Commonwealth and further exacerbate healthcare disparities.


Join Project ABLE and take action today – ask your state representative and state senator to invest $2 million in additional funds to prevent new infections with new tools like PrEP, and care for the increasing caseload of people living with HIV and Hepatitis C, so they can continue to live and work in their own communities and out of expensive institutional settings.


Act now and ask your legislators to fund HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C services (4512-0103) at $35M in FY18.