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Disclosure (Telling Others You Are HIV-Positive)

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

See Also: HIV Stigma, Discrimination, and Criminalization

General Information

Telling others you are HIV-positive. Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet. Also available in Spanish.

Telling others about your HIV. Fact sheet from Project Inform. Also available in Spanish.

Disclosure and HIV. Fact sheet from

Dating and HIV. Fact sheet from

Telling Others You Have HIV/AIDS. Web page on web site with links to many articles about disclosure.

Disclosing HIV-positive status to partners/dates. On-line "Ask the Experts" forum at web site.

Talking with your children about HIV. Excerpt from There is Hope: Learning to Live with HIV, 2nd edition.  Although this publication is old, the information it contains may still be helpful for parents.

Selected Recent Articles

The enduring power of stigma – understanding why HIV-positive gay men don’t disclose their status.  Article dated September 30, 2015 from

People who don’t tell anyone else their HIV status have as good health outcomes as other people living with HIV.  Article dated May 1, 2015 from

Status disclosure patterns related to HIV care retention, viral load.  Article dated February 24, 2015 from

“You may have come into contact with…”: HIV Contact Tracing in Canada. Article dated Fall 2014 from Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange.

HIV prevention needs to support gay men to discuss HIV status and risk, especially in relationships.  Article dated July 9, 2014 from  

Gay men who discuss HIV status with sexual partners are less likely to acquire HIV.  Article dated June 18, 2014 from

Taking one to tango: how restricting responsibility for safer sex to individuals hinders talking about safer sex.  Article dated January 28, 2014 from

Many Women Living With HIV Fear Abuse After Disclosure, Lack Access and Support.   Article dated November 19, 2013 from

Questions of law: Legal and health care issues for people living with HIV.  Article dated September/October 2013 from Positively Aware.

Hooked Up: Exploring HIV Disclosure Online.  Article dated September 28, 2013 from

The other side of disclosure.  Article dated July/August 2013 from Positively Aware.

Many people with HIV not disclosing at GUM clinics: estimates of undiagnosed infections may be too high.  Article dated February 19, 2013 from

Young gay men with HIV in the UK worry about disclosure, transmission and prosecution – older ones about confidence and sex.  Article dated November 7, 2012 from


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