About Us

AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts is proud to be a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1983, AIDS Action is New England’s largest AIDS service organization. For three decades, we’ve been advocating at all levels of government for fair and effective AIDS policies, conducting cutting edge HIV prevention programs, and providing health and wellness services to people already living with HIV.

Our work – in conjunction with partners around the state – has given Massachusetts one of the best track records in tackling this epidemic.

Since 1999, Massachusetts has seen a 52% reduction in new HIV diagnoses. This has translated to at least 7,000 at-risk individuals remaining HIV-negative, and a statewide savings of more than $2.4 billion in HIV-related health care costs.

At AIDS Action, we go beyond the basics of providing safer sex kits and HIV medications by taking a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention and care. By working face to face with the people most impacted by HIV, we’re able to truly understand their complex needs and how these needs impact their health. This information helps public officials and politicians make life-changing policy and funding decisions.

At present, we work directly with one-in-six people diagnosed with HIV in our state, and provide prevention services to thousands more. Expanding on our successful model, we’re also taking the fight to infections and diseases related to HIV, such as Hepatitis C.

In 2013, AIDS Action Committee entered into a historic partnership with Fenway Health, allowing the two organizations to work more closely together. This has resulted in improved delivery of care and services to people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as expanded advocacy efforts and greater HIV/AIDS research opportunities.